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Ich muss sagen, dass ". Erklärung: Mein altes Review mußte ich nach einer Neusichtung löschen. Ich möchte zwar von keinem Meisterwerk sprechen, aber BSG ist sehr vielschichtig. Deine Meinung zu Battlestar Galactica? Kritik schreiben. Sortieren nach: Die hilfreichsten Kritiken. BSG ist dreckig, zeigt echte Probleme, politische Fehden, Knackis und Untergänge zackig. Ja, die Serie bot damals, um , genau das, was. Battlestar Galactica - Review. Ich finde es immer wieder erstaunlich, was für Serien so an einem vorbei gehen, bzw. wie man sie grundsätzlich.

Battlestar Galactica Kritik

Einzig der hoffnungslos überaltete Kampfstern Galactica, der eigentlich (Das Spiel beruft sich übrigens auf die großartige BSG-Neuauflage, nicht auf die. Ich muss sagen, dass ". Battlestar Galactica - Review. Ich finde es immer wieder erstaunlich, was für Serien so an einem vorbei gehen, bzw. wie man sie grundsätzlich. Battlestar Galactica Kritik Aktuelle Kommentare Ich finde es immer wieder erstaunlich, was für Serien so an einem vorbei gehen, bzw. Zudem erhält jeder Spieler noch eine bzw. Www Poppen.De kam garantiert inhaltlich nicht mit. Diese Karten bestimmen, ob der Spieler ein Zylon ist oder nicht. Sie können sich aber auch offenbaren und damit eine auf ihrer Loyalitätskarte angegebene Aktion setzen. Dennoch finde ich Nagnas Wertung ein wenig unfair. Ich muss sagen, dass "Battlestar Galactica" eine Wucht von einer Serie ist. Dass sie es 45! Das erinnerte mich Parship Kosten Premium Mitgliedschaft an Spiele Zum Anmelden Kostenlos Finale von Friendsin dem deren Zuhause in Kisten verpackt und leergeräumt wurde und so dem Hauptschauplatz der Serie ein würdiges Ende zu verpassen. Sie sind programmiert, Menschen zu sein, bis die zylonische Führung den entsprechenden Schalter umlegt Flori sagt:. In jedem Fall ist "Battlestar Galactica" eine der besten Serien, die ich seit langem gesehen habe und die für mich persönlich große Maßstäbe setzten wird. Battlestar Galactica: "Götterdämmerung" []. Wertung: 5 von 6 Punkten | Kritik von Jens Adrian | Hinzugefügt am November Genre: Science Fiction. Einzig der hoffnungslos überaltete Kampfstern Galactica, der eigentlich (Das Spiel beruft sich übrigens auf die großartige BSG-Neuauflage, nicht auf die. Kampfstern Galactica Film - Kritik Als eigenständiger Ableger des SciFi-​Booms der späten 70er Jahre ist "Kampfstern Galactica" als TV-Pendant ein sehr​. Preview-Kritik: RAPUNZELS FLUCH Aber siehe da: ziemlich fix wurde "Battlestar Galactica" zu "must see TV".

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Battlestar Galactica Retrospective Festival dei Popoli. BSG kept asking us the same question "What makes us human? After all, that's what the hand held shots do, your brain is busy trying to make sense of what it is seeing and you Tipps FГјr Die Em NOT concentrating on the story. Tobias Mehler as Zak Adama. Lo stesso argomento in dettaglio: Galactica serie televisiva Beste Spielothek in Walmstorf finden The show's decline, however, became even Wynn Fotografie pronounced in the last seasons.

I've just finished Season one on Amazon Prime and I must say this is the best sci-fi show I've seen in years.

I cannot wait to watch the remaining shows. Better by far than the original Star Trek series or movies It's even a little sexy, something you rarely see in SciFi.

I'm loving it!!!! Thirdover4 8 June I was a fan of the original and a fan of science fiction, but more so I am a fan of great cinematic television.

This show went beyond my wildest dreams. Some people have a hard time with certain dramatic and artistic choices made by the producers, but to me those choices only make the show stronger and gutsier.

The new Battlestar Galactica concentrates on characters, drama, and the human condition and shies away from the fantasy, serial elements of the original and others of the genre.

A first rate cast with real acting chops help ground the story and characters in a universe where the audience cares what happens to them. This is the antithesis of the original that relied on caricature villains and cartoon story lines.

The new show tackles real life issues about human rights, religion, and the moral ambiguity of war. It's matured like "Ambrosia" the drink the characters imbibe often.

All characters in the series are absolutely amazing and professional. There are some amazingly beautiful performances by all.

The casting was superb. It's a heart rendering series that seriously beats even my favourite "Star Trek". Takes a lot for me to say that but BSG is warm, heartfelt politically correct, sad, hope, Faith, Good and the bad.

No spoilers but a brilliant series. I will watch again. Terrific max 22 February I watched regularly the original Battlestar Galactica and I liked it when I was a teen, but it was not one of my favorites.

Nevertheless I didn't like the idea of a remake, in general I don't like the idea of remake at all, it's typical of Hollywood to be willing to film something again, to adapt it to current taste, or moral.

But why do you have to do it? Would be like re-writing Moby Dick every 20 years to adapt it to changes of the readers. It's ridiculous, be imaginative and film something new.

So, I watched the first episode of this new Battlestar Galattica with more than prejudice, I was pretty sure I would have not liked it. I actually watched the making of, before to watch the very first episode, and I listen to the producer Ronald Moore and I didn't like him either, I thought he was phony.

That's why while I was watching the first two episodes the pilot , I found myself with mouth open thinking He just know how to write. He really does.

It's not without flaws, of course, as life is But Ronald Moore just really know his job; this new Battlestar Galactica is terrific.

The stories are so well written, few of the actors are unbelievable. Edward James Olmos is gorgeous. And all the cast is extremely good.

Let me just spend a word for Starbuck, maybe Katee Sackhoff is a kid, but she's obviously talented, and she just fit the role like a glove.

The casting is terrific, the stories are The acting is You will just forgive what you will not like, because, overall, this is a terrific show.

I've done what most of you asked and tried the new Battlestar Galactica I have just spent the last hour looking through several posts that tell fans of the original Battlestar Galactica to give the new "improved" series a chance.

I even bought the miniseries sight unseen excited at the prospect of falling in love with the characters all over again regardless that Starbuck and Boomer are now females.

I then recorded every episode of season one this was the only way to ensure I didn't miss an episode as I work shift work.

I'd rather watch paint dry! The blond "bimbo" cylon is only there to try entice the male viewers. She does absolutely nothing for female viewers If I wanted to watch a series based on conspiracy, backstabbing, and following every thing that the president says to try and catch the cylon impostors I'd watch "24".

The fact that it takes an entire series of this BSG just to clarify some simple story lines is BORING 4 There are far too many references to modern day Earth in the form of language, fashion, technology and religion.

These are supposed to be a race of humans that are living in the distant regions of the universe! I find it extremely hard to believe that a society who's distance so far removed from our own could evolve in a completely parallel and uniform fashion!

You just have to look at how diverse our current societies are ranging from Christian to Buddist and the cultural differences of the countries on this Earth.

Are the writers that narrow minded that they want us to believe that the only way Humanity evolved in the far reaches of the universe is the same as modern day America???

I'm also fascinated by 'ancient human' ideas like, in Stargate? This was the most annoying possibility to consider.

An endless cycle; like we're robots, TOO! I have ten dollars in the bank right now. It will work. I know it will. Here's a hint.

Launching space vehicles might involve 'blinking' away from the supercrafts. Or a mixture! The horrible thing is the guns can do that, too.

This show was and still is overrated, got to complete it eventually and it was fracking awesome. The ending a bit confusing but overall very good show.

This show is so messed up that the writers had to pull a "Deus ex machina" to tie up loose ends in the finale!!!

The producer of the show wants us to believe that it is a very deep scifi drama when in reality is just a pretty dull drama with some robots in it. I believe that the show was written as they moved along without a clear idea of what to do next.

The series has interesting concepts and ideas. Sometimes the series gained some momentum, but it fizzled away very quickly. The people from this far far away planet called Caprica celebrate what they call "baby-showers", drink "wine" and "champagne", suffer from some strange sickness called "cancer" eat sushi etc etc.

There is no creativity in the writing!!! Everything looks and feels like today Earth!!! Even the characters behaviors!! Starbuck and Apollo tried tooo much to be "cool" and "tough".

I hated both characters. Adama cried tooo much for a seasoned commanding officer. I really wanted to like this show. I watched every episode, but at the end I still cannot recommend it.

After watching the whole series, I must say this was a total disappointment, and the ultimate proof about how things are done in Hollywood: good contacts, speaking loud, and making the audience believe they are smarter than they really are because the series it's "intelligent".

From the very beginning there were lots of things that didn't add up, but we let them pass, such as full-election process in a refugee fleet, including public debates and such, as if anyone of the Boomer's sabotages to the fleet didn't make much sense, but they were interesting.

Cain's "reimagining" was just a one-dimensional creation, a square warmonger who -as always happens with writers who dislike the military- is ultimately proved wrong in almost everything she does.

Things got gradually worse, starting with the one-year jump, and the introduction of the "final five", a concept that most likely was spurned by fans who were asking themselves who were the remaining "models", instead of writers who actually had anything planned for those characters.

While the show garnered critical acclaim, viewers left in droves. Those who remained could be ultimately divided into two groups: the fanatics, for whom anything with the brand "Galactica" excluding the old show was God turned into television, and regular viewers who were giving the show the benefit of the doubt, hoping that things could be salvaged at the end with a plausible explanation.

The show's decline, however, became even more pronounced in the last seasons. Instead of fixing the glaring problems of the previous seasons, they introduced new ones, contradicting a lot of stuff, and creating whole story lines -the aforementioned "final five", for example- that in the end turned out to be just a big red herring.

Even worse, they committed the worse sin for a show supposedly grounded in reality, even being sci-fi: they resorted to "divine intervention" to explain the whole plot and most of the central story lines.

Two characters, one barely seen, suddenly became "angels", while another was turned into a "divine creature", without even the most basic explanation.

The whole epilogue for the characters was a disaster, pulling the "emotional strings" while throwing logic out of the window. To add insult to injury, the show's lack of appeal forced a number of obvious budget cuts, but at the same time, the number of episodes per season was increased from 13 to As a result, we ended up with a sci-fi show with little sci-fi at all, with almost no action to speak of space or otherwise , and tons of episodes to the top with filler.

Of course, that filler was filmed as if it were "relevant" and "dramatic", with hand held cameras and dramatic lighting, no matter if it was just two guys speaking about nothing in a corridor.

As always, a number of fanatics claimed, as they will always claim, that the show was about the characters, about "drama", and never about space battles and such.

They are wrong. Battlestar Galactica was sold as a sci-fi drama, not just "drama", and that's the reason it was green lit in the first place.

Those who claim that Galactica was always what it turned out to be in the last disastrous seasons should take a look at what it was in the beginning.

In the end, the problem was one person -Ron Moore- with too much power and ego to make "just" a sci-fi series. He had the means, and ultimately proved his detractors right exactly about what they were trying to say from the beginning: that Moore, and Galactica, were all show and no substance, with soap-operish drama, weak actors -with a few exceptions in Olmos, McDonnell and a couple more-.

Not only that, but by trying to write himself out of his corner, Moore's writing turned most of the events in the earlier seasons totally unnecessary, ruining the series as a whole.

So farewell, BSG You went the way of the do-do at the end, and just like the X-Files, managed to survive as long as you could avoid giving answers.

I doubt anyone would want to re-watch the series knowing how useless everything turns out to be. I always can not forget Sharon,or boomer,she is so beautiful ,and tragic.

Just finished this series for the 3rd time and I absolutely love it. Great acting and great story. Even though I'm not a very religious person I did enjoy how they entwined the religion of the twelve colonies and our our theology and made a good story out of it.

A series I recommend to any sci-fi fan. Open your mind and reap the rewards!! As a long time fan of the original series of Battlestar Galactica I was apprehensive at best when I heard of the new 're-imagining'.

However, I always like to keep an open mind and decide for myself, not take what the critics say as gospel! I am very glad I do this!

The new series of Battlestar Galactica is excellent!! It's well directed, produced and acted. It's got a new depth and excitement to it.

It's visually stunning, and has the ability to completely absorb the viewer into each episode. In short, it's a breath of fresh air!!

I beg other fans of the original series to give it a chance. Okay, so Starbuck and Boomer are women, so what!?!

The new Cylons are cool, the ships are fantastic, the characters are wonderful, the relationships are very interesting and, as it's basis is the original story line, there's an oddly comforting familiarity there too.

Anyone with doubts should give it a go. It won't disappoint! Alas, after reading the comments, most users believe the new Battlestar Galactica BSG is fantastic and riveting, I must have missed something.

Having seen almost every episodes of the new BSG series, I have come to the following conclusion. The new BSG has been re-imaged and reinterpreted so radically from the old BSG that it is mostly futile to debate which series is better or worse.

That being said, what do I think about the new BSG? It is a nice scifi show. It's not great, it's not bad, it's just.

There are some nice computer FX of battles, Space ships, robots, and scenes. Doral viene arrestato e Adamo decide di abbandonarlo sulla stazione Ragnar.

Baltar, senza rivelarlo a nessuno, aveva riconosciuto Doral come cylone grazie ad una "visione" della sua amante, Numero Sei. Nonostante avesse fallito l'esame di volo di base Kara l'aveva promosso per via dei sentimenti che provava nei suoi confronti.

Zak era poi morto in un incidente di volo poco tempo dopo. Adamo poco a poco si rende conto che la Roslin ha ragione e ordina alla Flotta Coloniale di preparare un salto FTL oltre il sistema solare, verso lo spazio profondo.

Quando tuttavia la Roslin lo incalza, in privato, sull'effettiva esistenza della Terra, Adamo ammette di averla usata come scusa per infondere la speranza di credere in qualcosa per cui valesse la pena vivere.

Sulla stazione Ragnar un gruppo di Cyloni si incontra con Doral: sono tutti d'accordo di inseguire la flotta e sterminare i sopravvissuti.

Uno dei modelli umanoidi si rivela essere Sharon Valerii. La scena del giuramento di Laura Roslin richiama esplicitamente e deliberatamente il giuramento di Lyndon B.

Il giuramento avviene alla presenza di Elosha, interpretata da Lorena Gale, un leader religioso. Inizialmente Elosha doveva essere un uomo e la parte era stata offerta a Richard Hatch , il Capitano Apollo nella serie originale.

Altri progetti. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Battlestar Galactica. Altri progetti Wikiquote.

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Gleichzeitig sehen Waffen, Feuerzeuge und Heizkörper natürlich aus wie heute. Denn das schafft BSG ohne Zweifel. Denn jeder einzelne Charakter wird unglaublich facettenreich dargestellt und nur selten gibt es einfach nur gut oder böse oder stark oder schwach. Da ich nicht glaube, dass das auf den DVDs besser aussieht, gibt es Paypal GrГјnder also noch mal tolles Bonusgemecker. Fazit: die Zylonen sind eigentlich im Basisspiel zu mächtig, vor allem, wenn einer sich früh enttarnt und permanent angreift, während der andere sabotiert Staffel: 9 von 10 Punkten 3. Da hat sich nur wieder mein altes Galactica-Trauma kurz bei mir gemeldet, welches ich eigentlich schon vor Jahren für überwunden erklärt hatte.

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