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Episodenguide der japanischen Serie Death Note mit der Übersicht alle Staffeln und Episoden. Den Redakteuren von® kommt Darsteller der Serie Death Note. Mamoru Miyano als Light Yagami, Mamoru Miyano, Light Yagami. Staffel von Death Note. Episodenanzahl: 37 Folgen; Start in Japan: 4. Oktober ; Deutschlandstart der 1. Staffel Death Note: April Episodenguide der japanischen Serie Death Note (Live-Action) mit der Übersicht alle Staffeln und Episoden. Hier findest Du alle Serienstreams von Death Note. Manchmal ist auch ein Dwonload der Serie Death Note bei einem Anbieter vorgesehen. ✓ % Legal​.

Death Note Serienjunkies

Wann kommt eine neue Folge von Death Note (Live-Action)? In unserem Terminplaner erfährst Du alle Sendetermine der Serie. Death Note im TV. Leider wird in der den nächsten vierzehn Tagen keine Episode der Serie «Death Note» ausgestrahlt. Das tut uns Leid. Serienjunkies. Alles zur Serie Death Note (Live-Action). Die Realserie zum Anime. User-​Wertung: 4,00 von 5 bei 18 Bewertungen. The writer remarked on his preference for reading the Beste Spielothek in Dremmen finden "two or four" chapters carefully Avanca ensure consistency in the story. Retrieved July 2, The novelization of L: Change the World became the second top-selling light novel in Japan during Retrieved June 6, Beste Spielothek in Kuglmoos finden Wolk of Salon said that a rumor circulated stating that the creators intended to create Death Note Serienjunkies Note to last half as long as its actual run and Ohba and Obata had been persuaded to lengthen the storyline when Death Note' s popularity increased, noting that the rumor "makes sense, since about halfway through the series, there's a point that seems like a natural ending". Retrieved November 29, He concluded that Light's presence was "the most compelling" aspect; therefore the adaptation chronicles Light's "thoughts and actions as much as possible". One night, as a Wie Spielt Man Canasta stalker threatened to kill both Misa and himself, Gelus wrote the stalker's name in his Death Note, ending his own life and adding the remainder of his lifespan to Misa's. Lidner sits in with them.

Death Note Serienjunkies - Alles zur Serie Death Note

Neue Welt Shinsekai: New World. Sentaku: Selection. Sh's': Impatience. Satsui: Malice. Liste der Death-Note-Episoden der ersten Staffel. Kake: Wager.

No one should play God". He said that Near 's climactic speech about good and evil was rooted in his own beliefs.

In a paper, author Jolyon Baraka Thomas characterised Death Note as more sophisticated psychological thrillers released in the wake of the Tokyo subway sarin attack , saying that it examines the human tendency to express itself through "horrific" cults.

The Death Note process began when Ohba brought thumbnails for two concept ideas to Shueisha ; Ohba said that the Death Note pilot, one of the concepts, was "received well" by editors and attained positive reactions by readers.

He added that the story had to revive the killed characters with the Death Eraser and that he "didn't really care" for that plot device.

Obata said that he wanted to draw the story after he heard of a "horror story featuring Shinigami". Obata said that while there is little action and the main character "doesn't really drive the plot", he enjoyed the atmosphere of the story.

He stated that he drew the pilot chapter so that it would appeal to himself. Ohba brought the rough draft of the pilot chapter to the editorial department.

Obata came into the picture at a later point to create the artwork. They did not meet in person while creating the pilot chapter. Ohba said that the editor told him he did not need to meet with Obata to discuss the pilot; Ohba said "I think it worked out all right".

Toshiki Inoue, the series organizer, agreed with Araki and added that, in anime adaptations, there is a lot of importance in highlighting the aspects that are "interesting in the original".

He concluded that Light's presence was "the most compelling" aspect; therefore the adaptation chronicles Light's "thoughts and actions as much as possible".

Inoue noted that to best incorporate the manga's plot into the anime, he "tweak[ed] the chronology a bit" and incorporated flashbacks that appear after the openings of the episodes; he said this revealed the desired tensions.

Araki said that, because in an anime the viewer cannot "turn back pages" in the manner that a manga reader can, the anime staff ensured that the show clarified details.

Inoue added that the staff did not want to get involved with every single detail, so the staff selected elements to emphasize. Due to the complexity of the original manga, he described the process as "definitely delicate and a great challenge".

Inoue admitted that he placed more instructions and notes in the script than usual. Araki added that because of the importance of otherwise trivial details, this commentary became crucial to the development of the series.

Araki said that when he discovered the Death Note anime project, he "literally begged" to join the production team; when he joined he insisted that Inoue should write the scripts.

Inoue added that, because he enjoyed reading the manga, he wished to use his effort. Set two years after the manga's epilogue, it sees the introduction of a new Kira and the reactions of the main characters in response to the copycat's appearance.

The yonkoma were written to be humorous. In addition, a guidebook for the manga was also released on October 13, It was named Death Note How to Read and contained data relating to the series, including character profiles of almost every character that is named, creator interviews, behind the scenes info for the series and the pilot chapter that preceded Death Note.

In the June issue of Shueisha's Jump Square it was announced that a new one-shot chapter of Death Note would be published. Dream Partners and VAP.

This move is seen as "significant because it marks the first time a well known Japanese anime property will be made legally available to domestic audiences for download to own while the title still airs on Japanese television".

The series premiered in the U. Soon after, Bionix became a 2-hour block on Saturday nights. It is a recap which takes place after the series end, where a Shinigami approaches Ryuk in the Shinigami realm in order to learn more about the human world.

Instead, Ryuk tells him of all the events leading up to the last story arc, about Light Yagami and his rival L.

Originally, this special was advertised as a retelling told from Ryuk's point of view, but it does not give a different point of view from what was originally told.

However, it contains updated dialog, as well as a few new scenes. Like the first special, this new compilation summarized a part of the — anime television series.

Specifically, it recounted the final half of the suspenseful supernatural story, including the investigators Near and Mello's confrontations with the vigilante Kira.

Several soundtracks for the series have been released. It contains music from the series with the first opening and ending themes are sung by the Japanese band Nightmare in the TV size format.

It features the new opening and closing themes by Maximum the Hormone in the TV size format. The tracks 1—21 were composed and arranged by Taniuchi, while the tracks 22—28 were composed and arranged by Hirano.

The album features one track sung by Aya Hirano , who was also the Japanese voice actress of Misa Amane in the anime series.

Several soundtracks have also been released for the live action films. Sound of Death Note is a soundtrack featuring music from the first Death Note film composed and arranged by Kenji Kawai.

It was released on June 17, , by VAP. It was released on November 2, The soundtrack came with a cosplay Death Note notebook. The novel was released by Shueisha on August 1, Beside Naomi's character, the novel focuses on how L works and one of the criminals L has to chase down.

Insight was given into Watari's orphanage and how the whole system of geniuses such as L, Mello, Beyond Birthday, Matt and Near were put to work.

Viz released the novel in English on February 19, It also reveals more information about L and his past.

Viz released it on October 20, These are just titles, as any character can be Kira or L. The player will attempt to deduce who their enemy is Kira will try to uncover L's identity and vice versa.

The storyline is based on the second part of the manga, featuring characters such as Mello and Near.

The story is set before the Kira investigation in the original series. The video game Jump Force features Light and Ryuk as non-playable characters, playing a key role in the game's story mode.

Death Note was adapted into a series of live action films in The first two films were directed by Shusuke Kaneko and the third was directed by Hideo Nakata and produced by Nippon Television , CG production of all three films were done by Digital Frontier and distributed by Warner Bros.

Pictures Japan. The first film, simply titled Death Note , premiered in Japan on June 17, , and topped the Japanese box office for two weeks, pushing The Da Vinci Code into second place.

It is focused on the final 23 days of L's life, as he solves one final case involving a bio-terrorist group. In August , a three-part miniseries entitled Death Note: New Generation was announced as a part of the Death Note live-action film series and aired in September.

It bridges the year gap between the previous films and the then-upcoming film. A fourth Japanese Death Note film was released in [80] and featured a cyber-terrorism setting with the inclusion of six Death Notes brought into the human world.

An American adaptation was released on Netflix on August 25, It was rated by many negatively after its release, and ranked low on Rotten Tomatoes.

In April , it was announced that a live action television series based on Death Note manga would begin airing from July on NTV. Death Note has received wide universal acclaim from both critics and audiences, with praise aimed at the complex and cerebral storyline, handling of mature themes regarding morality and justice, along with the narrative progression and character development, especially that of the main protagonists.

Douglas Wolk of Salon said that a rumor circulated stating that the creators intended to create Death Note to last half as long as its actual run and Ohba and Obata had been persuaded to lengthen the storyline when Death Note' s popularity increased, noting that the rumor "makes sense, since about halfway through the series, there's a point that seems like a natural ending".

In addition, he said that fans wrote "thousands" of Death Note fan fiction stories and posted them on the internet.

Comipress reported that the only difference between the story and Death Note is that there are no Shinigamis. Anime News Network ANN writer Zac Bertschy called Death Note a "surprisingly gripping and original suspense tale that raises a handful of interesting questions about morality".

He noted that the difference between the series and other manga from the same demographic was very big due to the murders the main character commits as well as how he hides his identity of Kira.

Additionally, she praised the story as it is "building a climax" with each detail introduced in the first chapter, making the reader look forward to upcoming chapters.

She felt that while the series' second half was not as good, with Light seeming less intelligent and once vital characters fading into the background, the ending brings back what the fans loved about the first volume and the supporting cast are "given a chance to shine".

However, she did not like how the epilogue made no mention of what happens with Misa Amane and how Near and Mello were still treated like parts of L.

Obata's art is "[rendered] in stark strokes characterizedfittinglyby a complex interplay of light and shadow". Pepirium of IGN saying that Death Note ' s "heavy serialized nature" is what "makes the show so engaging and discussion worthy".

He added that Karl Willems, director of the dub, assembled a "stunning voice cast of professionals" with a "solid tone minus some of the cheesy yelling and screaming of other dubs".

Running over thirty-seven 20 minutes episodes, the anime sticks much closer to the manga so takes a far more languid approach to storytelling, better fleshing out the fantastic characters of Light and his nemesis, L.

Light in particular is one of the most layered characters to appear in anime in a long time. Sparrow said that the author understood "what made these characters click so well" and "captures everything that made the manga the compelling read that it is".

Sparrow said that fans of Death Note who read Another Note will "find a welcome home" in Nisio Isin's work which "adds a few more fun layers" to the Death Note franchise.

The novelization of L: Change the World became the second top-selling light novel in Japan during The series' release outside Japan was met with a wave of copycat crimes.

According to Wired magazine, Death Note "[turned] Japan's most-popular print medium into an internationally controversial topic that has parents wondering whether they should prohibit their kids from reading manga entirely".

Live-action director Shusuke Kaneko commented in response, "If preventing them from seeing this movie is going to make kids better, then why not prevent them from watching all bad news?

In , the education bureau in Pingtung County , Taiwan asked teachers to heed any negative influence on elementary school students reading the manga.

After volumes of Death Note were found at the February suicide of a year-old girl in Yekaterinburg , Russia, a local parents' group began campaigning to regulate all media based on the series, saying that it had an adverse effect on the minds of children.

There have been various copycat crimes around the world which were based on Death Note. A senior at the Franklin Military Academy in Richmond, Virginia , United States was suspended in after being caught possessing a replica "Death Note" notebook with the names of fellow students.

The school's principal wrote a letter to the student's parents linking to an unofficial website where visitors can write names and circumstances of death for people they want to die.

The notebook listed seven students' names. The school planned a disciplinary hearing and contacted the seven students' parents.

Lanny Handy, the notebook was discovered the previous afternoon by a staffer. The students were suspended from the county's schools, pending a juvenile court hearing.

The students, their parents, and school officials had met with Handy and a junior probation officer. It was reported in September , that a Year Eight boy in Sydney , Australia, created a "Death Note" that along with names contained a "battle plan" detailing where bombs could be placed inside his school.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Japanese manga series. For other uses, see Death Note disambiguation.

Mystery [1] Psychological thriller [2] [3] Supernatural thriller [1] [4]. Madman Entertainment. Yoshihisa Hirano Hideki Taniuchi. Manga Entertainment.

YTV , Scream. JP : February 15, JP : July 12, JP : February 7, See also: List of Death Note characters. Main article: List of Death Note chapters.

Main article: List of Death Note episodes. Main article: Death Note original soundtracks. Main article: Death Note TV series.

Main article: Death Note: The Musical. Viz Media. Archived from the original on Retrieved October 27, Viz Media via Anime News Network.

June 29, Retrieved January 2, Archived from the original on March 25, Archived from the original on October 31, Retrieved June 24, Death Note is a supernatural thriller series that zeros in on a very delicate question: is all life worth saving or are there some that we'd be better off without?

Retrieved Death Note Vol. Obata, Takeshi, , Rolf, Pookie, trl. Upon inquiring about the time of death of the victims, L concludes that Kira is likely a student with a naive concept of justice.

He requests data on how the victims were publicized and begins to suspect that Kira has access to police information. Because the police officer in charge of the Kira case, Soichiro Yagami , is Light's father, Light can monitor the authorities' movements.

Meanwhile, Ryuk tells Light that he is being followed. He also explains that shinigami get the lifespans of people they have taken before their time and, their eyes can see everyone's name and lifespan floating above their heads.

He gives Light the option to trade half his remaining lifespan for the eyes of a shinigami, just like Ryuk's.

Light tells Ryuk that he is trying to create an ideal world where no criminals are left unpunished, and that as the god of such a world, he cannot sacrifice half of his life for the shinigami eyes.

Light begins experimenting to find out how much control he has over how a criminal dies. Light successfully makes one criminal run to the prison bathroom before dying, another draw a pentagram in his own blood, and another write a suicide note that contains the message "L, do you know?

When they fail to do so, he learns that the Death Note is not all-powerful. Using this knowledge, Light devises a plan to find out who has been following him.

Light makes a drug dealer hijack a bus on which Light, and by extension, his follower, are passengers. Light waits one week before killing Raye Penber.

He follows Raye onto a train and forces him to write down the names of his fellow agents on a piece of the Death Note by threatening Raye's family.

Because of the simultaneous death of these twelve FBI agents in Japan, the police are scared to continue investigating, and the American president pulls the FBI off the Kira case.

Light has another criminal leave a third coded note for L which finishes the phrase "L, do you know? Shinigami or "gods of death" love apples.

Yasuko Kobayashi. After the news of the deaths of the FBI agents in Japan breaks, the Japanese police, who were previously unaware that there were FBI agents in Japan, conclude that L hired them to investigate the Japanese police and their families, causing them to distrust L.

Chief Soichiro Yagami announces that because of the heightened stakes of the case, any officer who no longer wishes to work on the Kira investigation may leave, and would not be demoted for doing so.

Only five officers decide to remain on the case. In an effort to repair his relations with the Japanese police, L meets in secret with the remaining detectives who want to work on the Kira case.

L insists that they use false identities for protection against Kira and asks that they call him Ryuzaki instead of L. He reveals his thoughts about how Kira might be following the murders of the FBI agents and pinpoints who the federal agents were tracking during that period.

Meanwhile, Light happens to meet a woman who introduces herself as Shoko Maki. Convinced that if the police were to find out this information, it would not be long before they identified him as Kira, Light decides that he must eliminate this woman.

Light writes the name Shoko Maki on the Death Note. Ryuk starts pressuring Light to trade for the shinigami eyes, but Light coaxes her true name, Naomi Misora, out of her by pretending to work for L.

As the Death Note takes effect, Light informs her that he is Kira and watches as Naomi walks away to commit suicide, tauntingly yelling after her how he could easily contact his father now, with her only feebly returning that she has nothing to say.

Meanwhile, Watari reveals his identity in the meeting with Light's father and the other detectives. He gives the detectives special gadgets embedded in clothing in the event Kira comes into contact with them or they are in trouble.

Detective Shuichi Aizawa is sent to the police headquarters by L and just misses Naomi handing her driver's license to Light as a form of identification.

L is close to discovering the identity of Kira. Misora's disappearance causes L to shortlist the people who were being tracked by the FBI at the time of Raye Penber's death.

He requests surveillance equipment to be installed in the homes of those he suspects, including Soichiro Yagami's son. Light, however, becomes aware that he is being watched and has Ryuk locate all the cameras in his room.

Later, he deceives the surveillance team by watching the news on a portable television hidden in a bag of potato chips and continues to kill the criminals being reported.

This throws off L's suspicions that he is Kira. L's suspicions are momentarily subdued, but he does not discard the possibility that Light may be Kira and decides to meet him in person.

At the college entrance exams, Light notices a mysterious and eccentric student staring at him, who introduces himself as Hideki Ryuga, the same name as a famous idol.

Light is shocked when "Hideki Ryuga" reveals himself as L. Since it would be too suspicious for L to die right after meeting Light, he decides to befriend L and kill him at a later time.

He decides that the best course of action is to get closer to L, gather more information about his true identity and keep an eye on the police.

In a bid to profile Light's behavior, L challenges him to a game of tennis. L asks him some questions regarding the Kira case and invites him to help in the investigation.

The two then receive news that Soichiro Yagami has had a heart attack and is in the hospital. Light promises to his father that he will make sure Kira is caught and executed for making him suffer.

On the way out, L confronts and scrutinizes Light, still uncertain whether or not he is Kira. Light attempts a bluff and demands to be placed in a prison cell without television for one month to prove his innocence.

L is satisfied but curious that Light should offer this proposition. Meanwhile, television station Sakura TV receives audio tapes from an anonymous person claiming to be Kira.

The Kira investigation team is discussing the disappearance of Naomi Misora when Watari interrupts their meeting. Sakura TV is broadcasting an audio tape which is allegedly from Kira.

To prevent Kira from gaining public support, L demands that the broadcast be stopped. Hirokazu Ukita , one of the investigators working with L, rushes to Sakura TV but mysteriously dies in front of the station.

The investigation team realizes that Kira no longer needs to know the person's name to kill and panics. Light, who is watching the broadcast from his room, concludes that he should involve himself in the Kira investigation to gather intelligence on L and the second Kira, whom he correctly infers has already accepted the shinigami eye deal.

Meanwhile, L suspects that the person behind the broadcast must be a different Kira from the one they are chasing. At the end of the episode, a young girl named Misa Amane is seen discussing her admiration for Kira with a shinigami named Rem , and she reveals that she has made the trade for shinigami eyes.

Light meets with L and the detectives. Meaning to test Light's analytical skills, L has him listen to the recordings confiscated by the team to determine if there are any clues in the reader's voice.

In this way, L concludes that Light cannot be Kira. The team then broadcasts a recording made by L and Light to trick the second Kira into replying.

Misa unwittingly reveals important details about the properties of the Death Note and shinigami when she responds and Light begins to panic.

In her reply, Misa demands that the first Kira meet her in person. Shocked and wanting to pursue this lead, the investigation team formulates a plan, while Light decides what to do.

Meanwhile, Rem explains to Misa that she knows the only way to kill a shinigami: to make them fall in love with a human.

Rem tells Misa the story of a shinigami named Gelus who obsessively watched over Misa from the Shinigami Realm.

One night, as a deranged stalker threatened to kill both Misa and himself, Gelus wrote the stalker's name in his Death Note, ending his own life and adding the remainder of his lifespan to Misa's.

Detective Touta Matsuda and Light volunteer to go to Aoyama to investigate on the date mentioned in the journal entry. Light intends to find out who the second Kira is, and in order to keep his identity unknown to the shinigami following Misa, he gets a group of his friends to surround them while they walk.

Possessing the shinigami eyes, however, Misa finds out that Kira is Light Yagami because his life span is the only one she can't see.

Later, Misa confirms to the investigation team that she has found the real Kira. The team decides to change their approach and try to reason with her.

They release a television broadcast condemning Kira as a heartless murderer who will kill anyone who discovers his identity.

Furthermore, they offer to lessen the severity of the punishment the second Kira will face if she reveals information about the real Kira.

Misa ignores this, finds Light and explains that she tracked him down because she loves him. After Light introduces Misa to Ryuk, the two discuss their plans to get rid of L.

Taking advantage of the situation and of Misa's love for him, Light concludes that he can use her to mislead L, while furthering his plans for a better world.

Misa's shinigami, Rem , however, threatens to write down Light's name in her own Death Note if Misa's safety is compromised. In the meantime, L is thrown off the trail by the second Kira and is confused by the new audio tapes purposely denouncing the police's attempt to make the first Kira appear as a pariah.

L concludes that the two Kiras might have met and are working towards the same goal. Worried at the prospect that he might be murdered, as he is convinced the two Kiras have met, L demands that in the event of his death, Light should be arrested.

Later, Light and L meet each other outside college. Much to the anger and frustration of Light, Misa appears and converses with the two.

Minutes after Misa leaves, Light receives the news from L that she has been arrested on grounds of being the second Kira.

Misa appears to be blindfolded and tied to a chair, while L instructs Watari to torture her to obtain information. A few days later, Misa relinquishes ownership of her Death Note, thus erasing her memories of its existence.

Light decides to tell L that he thinks that he may be Kira subconsciously and wishes to be confined. Light's father also believes it is a good idea that he himself be confined to a cell as he cannot risk his emotions getting the better of him in this investigation.

Light concocts a plan whereby he tells Ryuk he will relinquish ownership of the Death Note at any time in a discreet discussion, while being monitored by L.

After Light's imprisonment, Kira's executions stop and L's suspicion is heightened. Light chooses this time to give up the Death Note, ensuring he will lose his memories of being Kira.

His change in behavior puzzles L; Light goes from being calm to completely desperate. The Kira executions then resume and the new spate of killings confuses L.

In a last bid to determine if Light and Misa are the two Kiras, L and Soichiro stage a stunt in which Light's father attempts to kill Light and then himself out of shame.

Seeing Light and Misa's reactions to it, L intervenes and announces that he no longer suspects them of being Kira, although he is still suspicious over the fact that Misa's DNA was found on the audio tapes.

Matsuda: Matsuda. Kosoku: Makeshift. Katsuyaku: Performance. Y'd': Guidance. Ky's': Frenzy. Fukkatsu: Revival. Chinmoku: Silence. Saisei: Renewal.

Y'kai: Abduction. Sh's': Impatience. Chichioya: Father. Seigi: Justice. Ij': Transfer. Sentaku: Selection. Ch'sh': Scorn. Koshi: Vigilance.

Satsui: Malice. Shinsekai: New World. Serienjunkies durchsuchen Suche starten KG, Alle Rechte vorbehalten.

Kampf Taiketsu: Confrontation. Kake: Wager. Gerechtigkeit Jackpotjoy Slot Justice. Freund Tomodachi: Friend. Taiketsu: Confrontation. Death Note Episodenguide. Stille Chinmoku: Silence. Matsuda: Matsuda. Erneuerung Saisei: Renewal. KG, Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Wiedervereinigung Fukkatsu: Revival. Kokuhaku: Europe Fx Erfahrungen. Ij': Transfer. Giwaku: Doubt. Community Kontakt Impressum Datenschutz Login.

Death Note Serienjunkies Video

Segunda abertura de Death Note - Aya Fansubs Death Note Serienjunkies Aktuelle News zur Serie Death Note. Alles zur Serie Death Note (Live-Action). Die Realserie zum Anime. User-​Wertung: 4,00 von 5 bei 18 Bewertungen. Death Note im TV. Leider wird in der den nächsten vierzehn Tagen keine Episode der Serie «Death Note» ausgestrahlt. Das tut uns Leid. Serienjunkies. Wann kommt eine neue Folge von Death Note (Live-Action)? In unserem Terminplaner erfährst Du alle Sendetermine der Serie. Death Note (Live-Action) Staffel 1 Episodenguide: Wir fassen schnell & übersichtlich alle Folgen der 1. Staffel von Death Note (Live-Action) für Dich zusammen.

Death Note Serienjunkies Video

DEATH NOTE - O PODER DO CADERNO DA MORTE! #6 ‹ SNF › Staffel Death Note: Juni Serienjunkies jetzt als Favorit hinzufügen Serienjunkies als Suchmaschine. KG, Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Wiedervereinigung Fukkatsu: Revival. Liebe Koigokoro: Love. Kokuhaku: Confession. Gratis Download Spiele Giwaku: Doubt. Alle Serien auf Serienjunkies. Stille Chinmoku: Silence.

Death Note Serienjunkies Fakten zur 1. Staffel von Death Note

Serienjunkies durchsuchen Suche starten Staffel 1. Seigi: Justice. Fakten zur 1. Alle Staffeln der Serie Death Note. Serienjunkies durchsuchen Suche starten

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